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Radiation shielding wearable's and devices for the dental and medical fields.



The RadCap™ has been developed and tested extensively in the dental and medical imaging fields. By using a design that allows our helmets to fully cover any size and shape head, we are able to offer a unique product that protects your brain against unnecessary radiation exposure. From infants to adults, we’ve got your noggin covered!

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Intraoral Positioning Devices

RadTec Intraoral Positioning Devices represent a breakthrough in 3D manufacturing that allows custom oral positioning stents to be deployed in everyday use for patients around the world. With each device being custom made for the individual we can maximize the benefits of IMRT treatments, while simultaneously improving the quality of life for each patient.

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Design & Prototyping

RadTec Medical Devices Inc. is always looking to the future and how we can create new and innovative products that better serve the Dental and Medical communities. With a focus on safety enhanced wearable's as well as advanced 3D manufacturing, we would love to help you bring a new product to life.

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