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RadTec: First steps together

Happy New Year!

The 2018 New Year’s resolution for the RadTec team is to find new and better ways to improve the lives of not only our patients but of all of those around us as well. Unfortunately, because of the tragedy that is cancer, millions of people will struggle with their health this year. And their struggles will affect the lives of so many around them; from family and loved ones, to co-workers, friends, and the medical staff that provide life-saving treatments. Cancer pervades life in the most unexpected ways and at the most unexpected times.

We are launching this blog in support of everyone involved in the fight against cancer, whether personally or professionally.  Our goal is to create and nurture a community where people can come to learn, comment, share and commiserate.

We are launching this blog in support of everyone involved in the fight against cancer.

Tune in if you are interested in learning anything from basic terminology to specific doctor profiles and everything in between. You will also find coverage from the health care events that we attend along with insights from the oncologists and radiologists with whom we work on a daily basis. If you have any questions, ask away! This blog is for you and we will do our best to answer your questions directly or in future blog posts.

When our team at RadTec first conceived of our products and began creating our radiation shielding devices for the dental and medical fields, we did so as members of the very same community we hope to serve with this blog.  Having been impacted by cancer in our immediate families and through experiencing first-hand the effects this disease has, we understand the importance of having access to information. From diagnosis, to treatment, to life after cancer; we hope to provide information and resources that can help others through their individual battles.

Brian Knott (COO), Ross Holman (CEO), Christian Juarez (Lead Engineer)

We started our company with the goal of helping cancer patients to have better treatment outcomes while simultaneously improving quality of life, both during and after treatment. We are now starting a blog to further this by building a community resource that is open for all.

Here’s to making 2018 a happy and healthy year for all!

To learn more about RadTec Medical Devices, the products we create, and the team behind the company, follow the link below.


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