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Intraoral Positioning Devices (IPD)

With a growing number of patients being treated with IMRT radiation therapy each year there is a need for ever improving positioning devices. One of the key benefits of IMRT is the precise targeting abilities that it provides while separating beam entry sites. This allows for a unique treatment plan that reduces harm to healthy tissues and improves treatment efficacy for every patient. IMRT treatments for head and neck cancer are often 5 days a week, for up to 6 weeks in duration. Each session involves precise planning and a need for highly accurate positioning. This is where our custom IPD’s come into use. We design each IPD to maximize the sparing of healthy tissues and structures while also creating a comfortable position that can be replicated every day of the treatment. By using the latest in 3D design and manufacturing we are able to create positioning devices that are not only more comfortable than off the shelf pieces currently available, but they are also more effective as well. RadTec Intraoral Positioning Devices represent a breakthrough in 3D manufacturing that allows customized medical devices to be deployed in everyday use for patients around the world.

Every IPD is custom made, for the individual, so that we can maximize the benefits of IMRT treatment while simultaneously improving the quality of life for each patient.

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My patients love the the added feeling of safety, and I love being able to provide the highest quality of care. Radiation is a real concern and the RadTec products help reduce a patients exposure.

Olga Tikhokhod, R.D.H., Altos Dental Care


As a dentist I am always trying to keep my patients as safe as possible, while providing the best care. The RadTec Radiation Shielding Helmet allows me to achieve both of these goals, with one clever device.

Dr. Irene Tan, D.D.S., Irene Tan DDS